Saturday, 7 January 2012

Buying A Hamster!

Before you decide to buy a hamster, please do some reasearch, that can be from new books or a forum, personally i like to use a forum called hamster central which is really popular! when you get to the shop where you are going to buy your hamster before you pick your hamster you need to check for symptoms of bad-caring this may be watery eyes, dirty fur or a wet tail. you have to pick a hamster in good condition. A well cared hamster will most probably have: clear eyes, shiny fur and short teeth hamsters with long teeth may bleed and will need to be taken to the vet... for beginners please buy a syrian hamster as they are the biggest, tamest and the easiest to handle. As with roborovski hamsters they are fast and inergetic and are really not ideal for taming or handling therefore dwarf hamsters should be considered when you are more experienced etc. With breeders often hamsters will be well- looked after. please do not accept advice from pet shops, as they are very often give out the wrong/old information.

My Hamster!

This is Bubbles, he is a long haired syrian hamster that i bought from my local pet shop he was underneath all of the woodshavings and he was the cutest there was around 4 hamsters that were the same colour as Bubbles and there was 1 grey hamster which had a huge skirt, they were kept in a little plastic fish tank. which was actually really small anyways here is a picture of him!

What Cage Should I Get?

For Syrian Hamsters The mimumum cage size Is 80x50cm the Hamster Heaven and the Savic Mickey 2XL match this size, although if you can personally I would go bigger. such as a Hagen Zoozone 2, Hagen Alexander and they are both 100x50cm, Which ofcourse the bigger the better, Hamsters are small but need alot of space to move around! if you would like more information on sizes then please go to which is a forum for Hamster- owners. Bin Cages: these are actually plastic storage boxes available from supermarkets, they are very cheap and don't require alot of adjustments. Wire-Top Cages: these are widely available, from websites and stores. these cages are what we like to call 'Barred Cages' which have bars on the top and a plastic base tray (Removable) designed for easy-cleaning, which alot of people recommend these cages for Syrian Hamsters just as long as it is big enough. Plastic-Topped Cages: These cages are again widely available from stores and websites. These cages are cages like the: Ferplast mini denu, Hagen zoozone's and The imac bingo these 3 cages are all plastic topped cages but the imac bingo and the mini denu is way too small for a Syrian same goes for the Zoozone 1.